All artwork on this site is free. Credit is appreciated but not required.

The goal of this site is to provide an ever growing collection of artwork to promote GNU software.

This site is produced and maintained by Raúl Silva. I will gladly accept any submissions and they will be credited accordingly provided they meet my quality standards.

Requests are welcomed! If there is specific graphical element that relates to GNU software that you would like to see please contact us and we will do our best to fulfill it.

7/5/00 GNU/art was slashdotted during the holiday weekend! Thanks to all for the wonderful feedback and suggestions. We are working hard on implementing many of the great ideas submitted.

6/21/00 GNU/art now has free photographs!

6/21/00 GNU/art has moved from to

4/28/00 Added logos for Gnutella. I can't believe two months have gone by since the last update!

2/25/00 A few of the GNU/art images have been submitted to the LIMP project.

2/21/00 Added Mac-on-Linux logos. Mac-on-Linux is a very exciting project that lets users of Apple hardware to run the MacOS within LinuxPPC. Very important to graphics people such as meself. Thanks to Samuel Rydh for all his cooperation.

2/10/00 Added Debian logos in Scalable Vector Graphics format! More SVG artwork will be posted soon!

2/8/00 Thanks to everyone for all the great feedback. The site is but a mere 1 week old and we are already getting great feedback from lots of folks. Please keep it coming!